By building caring relationships with those we serve, we guide the journey to health and wellness.

Prairie Ridge Health Foundation will be an ambassador and liaison between Prairie Ridge Health and the communities it serves. We will aid in increasing the quality and well-being of those we care for by raising, recognizing and managing charitable gifts and bequests.


This year, with the help of generous donors like you, the Prairie Ridge Health Foundation will do great things for the hospital and the communities we serve. Making an online gift is easy and secure! Simply click below and fill out the donation form. Thank you for your support!


Luna Infant SimulatorFULLY FUNDED!!! CAE Luna Newborn Resuscitation Training Mannequin - $35,000
Thank you to our incredible donors!! Prairie Ridge Health Foundation has officially fully funded the $35,000 CAE Luna Newborn Training Simulator. The OB nurses, obstetricians, CRNAs, House Sups, and ER teams have begun training on the fully interactive, wireless simulator. From newborn assessment and infant CPR to advanced life support and neonatal resuscitation, the Luna baby offers a comprehensive range of features and scenarios.

No other rural facility in our area has a training mannequin at this level, and with PRH having a record number of births last year, the Foundation is excited to provide this state-of-the-art training equipment for the team. This will help us to save the newest of lives. Thank you!!

Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment - $58,000
Pulmonary Function tests
The Foundation’s other major fundraising opportunity this year will be to provide updated PFT equipment for our Respiratory Therapy Department. We will fundraise throughout the year and then round out the fundraiser with our Annual Appeal. This new equipment will replace our existing testing equipment that is nearing the end of life.

This equipment is used to measure lung function and provide a full respiratory system analysis. COVID has taken a toll on a lot of people’s lungs and long-term effects are still to be seen. The Foundation wants to be a part of ensuring we have the best testing equipment available to the patients we serve.

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