By building caring relationships with those we serve, we guide the journey to health and wellness.

Prairie Ridge Health Foundation will be an ambassador and liaison between Prairie Ridge Health and the communities it serves. We will aid in increasing the quality and well-being of those we care for by raising, recognizing and managing charitable gifts and bequests.


This year, with the help of generous donors like you, the Prairie Ridge Health Foundation will do great things for the hospital and the communities we serve. Making an online gift is easy and secure! Simply click below and fill out the donation form. Thank you for your support!

HEART HEALTH! Stress Test Equipment & Treadmill - $28,847
A heart healthy community is an initiative that the PRH Foundation is passionate about. A stress test is used to see how one's heart works during physical activity. Exercise makes the heart pump harder and faster, and a stress test can show problems with blood flow within the heart. These tests are used to guide treatment decisions, show how well a heart treatment is working, assist in diagnosing coronary artery disease or heart rhythm problems and measure how serious a heart condition is.

The Prairie Ridge Health Foundation wants to ensure our patients have the best equipment possible to assist with their heart health, so it is our goal to fully fund new state-of-the-art Stress Test Equipment including a new treadmill. This will help us to save lives. Thank you!!

Audiobooth for Occupational Health - $25,161
Pulmonary Function tests
The Foundation’s other major fundraising opportunity this year will be to provide an Audiobooth for the new Occupational Health space. Our Occupation Health team provides pre-employment screenings and physicals for area businesses. Specifically, the audiobooth will be used to measure a baseline hearing assessment of employees so their employer can ensure adequate hearing protection while on the job. 

Currently, the Occupational Health nurses share an audiobooth with the Audiology department. As the patients and businesses we serve continue to grow we want to lessen wait times, allow employees to start their new jobs quickly while ensuring they receive local, high-quality care. The Foundation wants to be a part of ensuring we have the best testing equipment available to the patients we serve.

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Thank you for your 2022 contributions!

Together we were able to fund the following items in 2022

- Luna Newborn Training Manikin
- Continuous Monitoring System for Cardiac Rehab
- 3 EKG Machines for hospital-wide use
- Portable Ultrasound for Emergency Department
- Sara Stedy for Safe Lifting of Patients
- Two Nerve Stimulators for Anesthesia
- HEPA Cart for Maintenance
- New Chairs for Medical/Surgical Unit
- Construction of workspace for Cardiac Rehab
- Creation of the Amanda Murphy Memorial Scholarship (for our future healthcare workforce)
- Car Seat Safety Grants (provide car seats to new parents in need)
- Mammography & Biopsy Kits for Cancer Navigation Program
- Wig Program (funds wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy)
- Emergency Patient Assistance Program