Our Rehabilitation Services Department offers programs for patients to assist in extending their therapy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness for Life

Direct, individualized and personal attention is the hallmark of our program, which is designed for those with a history of heart disease and have received cardiac rehab services. Our supervised exercise program will help build your strength and endurance. You'll start out with an evaluation by a registered nurse and from there you will be participating in group exercise sessions that are specifically designed to keep you healthy, active and living your life to the fullest.

We will provide you with continuous and ongoing support to help you achieve your individual goals. We'll also assist in creating a plan for continued progress with home exercise.

A medical referral is required. Fitness for Life is a private pay program. For more information call 920-623-1430.

Second Step Rehabilitation

This program is an independent exercise curriculum designed for individuals completing therapy services who wish to continue a wellness program. Community members in search of a supervised exercise environment may also be interested in Second Step. This program gives our customers the opportunity to maintain or improve fitness levels. The program is also available to anyone who is interested in establishing a general independent fitness program.

Benefits of the program:

    • Continued gains in strength and endurance
    • Supervision by our licensed therapists
    • Use of cardiovascular and strength training equipment

Participants of the Second Step Rehabilitation Program are strongly encouraged to consult a physician for medical clearance prior to enrolling, but it is not required. Second Step Rehabilitation is a private pay program. For more information call 920-623-1430.